You Saved Me

Reclusive, a loner-
A breaking of my bones
Bludgeoned by time.

I am broken still-
But not alone.
My hope is doubled-
You saved me…



Imperfect blemish on desperate scream-

Listen once more to me

See, o’ see mirrors of mirrors-

Your own self so scorned by the smiles of the scorched-

They don’t realise why your eyes are so drowned in sadness

Kaleidoscopic ovals of emotion-

O’ woman so doubtful of dreams!-

Listen once, just once more to me

See o’ see mirrors of mirrors-

Your own soul reflected upon itself-

Bent, contorted cosmic skies hidden away-

O’ my love of a forgotten time-

I beg you to find-

Find not me-

Remember not I-

Find you-

Remember yourself!

Precious Proof

How many times has it been said “there is nothing new?”

A million times or more…

So many things are repeated over and over-

What is true originality?

A mirage!

An altered reality!

One thing stays unique-

Unchanged in this stubbornly physical plane-

A living proof-

A true mortal clue…

Appearance like an abstract dream.

Energy captured-

Golden brown stars…

“There is nothing new.” – What fated fallacy!

There is beauty always.

There is love, always.

Paradoxical precious thing!

You are my proof!

A Big Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded my new ebook “Identity – A Collection Of 50 Poems”. There has been 30 downloads so far, which is I am very happy about. My ebook is still available to download for free at the moment, until the 5th of December when the free promotion ends. 

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