No Expanse Crossed

The apocalyptic light cast
Over the sailors grave
By the perpetual burning orb
Lashes light and dark about
Like the great expanse that sinks
Proud men and their ship’s prowess-
Never to be seen or sought
Again by man-
After the waves dissipate
Replaced by black-
Tinged with white


I Dwell Within A Moment

I dwell within a moment, I take the time to look and see-

Disturbances in this fluctuating reality:


Teal sky-

Crows flying away from falling rain they cannot outpace.

An old woman smoking, each breath almost her last…

A river where a river cannot be.

I think of you, of how far you are away from me now…

My love stronger for you than the sun itself…

And yet, the moon outshines the sun today…

The Moon is whiter than ever.

An unusual sight-

The moon in the day.

A mixture of madness and reality-

Is all I can see now…

But the question still screams for an answer:


Which is which?