Live On Lies

Aching lies live on-

Landing on the minds eyes

Every time you start to sleep

Transmogrifying into terrors

That wake you night after night…


Peace Does Not Come Softly To Soldiers

Peace does not come

Softly to soldiers who try to sleep,

Serenity evades them.

Rather the haunting faces of those dead,

With blood streaming-

Voice carried off,

The silent unscreaming


Haunt and taunt insomnia stricken soldiers-


“Who were we to die

And you to live?”

Candlelit Vision

Hold my seeing, twisting light-
Stand in candlelight like a ghost,
Guarding my pretences, unswerving.
Silencing every sense like death, unnerving.

Hold my seething, contorted blight-
Blighted whole.
Step out of shadow, so I may see before I sleep
And sleep I truly will-
In death’s own breath I will slumber…

Do You?

I can not sleep, I can not dream

Black light seeps past my eyelids…

I see my thoughts swirl round this empty space in between,

Between my closed eyes and the outside world,

My thoughts are telling me to sleep, but my heart will not

My heart paints a picture, telling me not to sleep

Not until I know if you love me,

My eyes open wide, I realise the answer..


I sleep…