A Smile And A Skeleton

Sunken eyes,
Withered walk.
Eyes still thirsting.

A smile and a skeleton is all that’s left of who you are.
The look is uplifting, that you can still laugh and smile,
When all those around shed tears for you.

Flesh and bones are now just bone and spirit,
It is tearing everything away,
Leaving you holding on to your body by stamina alone,
Yet it shows you are who we thought you were,
Stubborn, strong and kind.
A rare unexpected find,
That something is as it seems.

The pain is too great,
There is no cosmic luck,
Or karmatic fate.

It is unfair.
Some, unaware.

But life goes on,
Cope with what you get,
And do not worry or fret,

Smile and never forget,
Even if you last only days…