She sits slouched on shadow of self –

Mindful of the light around her

That dances along the dark edges of day

She stays until –

Bright light burning, bundles itself away…


The Shadow

Hiding in the light, the shadow dwells within herself.

As the sun sets, the dark rose rises,
And the shadow spreads its claws.

Overtaking alleyways and streets,
Till midnight black sets the air like concrete.

Everywhere is covered,
The shadow covers light,

And everywhere is the shadowy woman anti-light,
So even the moonlight gives up futile fight.

Glass Soul

I am ripped to shards of finest glass,

I have been forced to leave.

Surrounded by

darkest air,

deepest despair.

I speak, but there is no answer back,

I reach out, and there is no hand to grab…

I am a person with no shadow,

A shadow with no person.

I am an after-image blur of who I was when complete,

Light is no more.

I feel myself fading to the air,

Hopelessness chokes me as ivy chokes the tree that was at unity with nature


Before this insidious interruption,

this barrier between it and life,

Between you and me.