Schrödinger’s Man

Do you not hear the screams-

The screams of those who stand fallen?

Can you not see the rivers-

The rivers and rivers of dead, broken reflections?

Do you not taste the mercury in the air-

The spheroids of silver?

Look for the intricately impossible-

Inside the confined collapse-

Do you not see yourself?

Is this not you?

Correct me if I’m wrong!

Your screams in amongst those who stand fallen-

Your reflection:




Find yourself before you drown-

In the river’s blood that doth flow-

Flow from whence the valley meets the blind-

You see those who cannot see-

You do not see– yourself!

Do you still not see- see these undeniabilitys?

Mercury air- your breath…

Drops of you- the mangled metal-

Circular constructs…

Do not turn your back on yourself!

Also in the forgotten foreground:

A cut out black shadow watches you-

Watches as you walk away–

He also is you!

Whispering turns to shouting-

Voices vying for attention-

Another manifested mortal-

A man of many minds-

A fear is in you-

This is me- still you don’t see!

Divergent paths, too many too number-

Dissected, bisected, trisected intellects…

Over and over they split you…

The splintered man-

Dead, alive– multiple musings-

Schrödinger’s man in a box…