The Rain Whisperer


Electric Water

Surreal reflections shining off cracked glass puddles,

Rain trickles downward, carrying blue light that splashes the ground making it seem shiny, new and hyperrealistical.

Homeless men huddle in a group to keep safe from the stabbing cold and piercing rain,

The group gets smaller every winter, but not from luck and fortune giving them home.

A sodden dog walks with a blind man, both trying to find shelter,

Decorative lightbulbs hang over wet and damp,

Electricity runs through this shimmering mottled ground,

Casting hope among the past unlit town.

Indigo Falling

The clock read 1 to 12, a hidden code?

Indigo raindrops falling,
Slowing the world around.
Though this rain falls, the sun still shines.
Above this cloudy ground,
Above this turning world.
Energy breaks the yellow sky,
Life goes on, the people are unfazed.
The thoughts are remembered, but the memory is forgotten,
Of when kindness meant something,
Before the end became the beginning,
When beauty existed everywhere,
Now this beauty is enveloped into one light, for better or for worse…

I Stand Alone.

I step through flowers in the rain,

Standing alone.

The rain pours, a million drops of silver.

Street lamps shine on the glistening fallings,

Like eyes of orange honey dripping, spreading through the watery air.

I look up,

into the above,

into the wet pinched globes rushing down.

I stare,

An abundance of glowing powers, some are dead,

but live on in our sight,

in our light.


Reflections of raindrops in each other,

All showing the powers of the infinite nocturnal sky.


Stand, look, stare and see-


The night is alive,

The stars are awake,

To the music of the skies.