A moment-

Motion blurred- preserved–

Slowly fading- degrading–

Indistinct to the eye…


That your eyes are the last to fade-

From this memory,  moment, momento…



Insomniac’s Insanity

Sleep evades me,
The night will not close around me,

Moonlight wears thin on my eyelids,
Replaced by sunlight.

I want to run.
Run to where sleep is a refuge…

I want to escape,
Escape this insomniac’s delusion…

Where will this nightmare begin?…


Blackness hangs off me,

I am the last Autumn leaf,

Waiting, knowing I will fall…


Blurs of colour pass my eyes,

A million points of light-

The truth beyond the lies.


Yet now…

Now I am blinded by the blackness,

The blackness that will not let me go.

It grabs me by my shaking hands,

Shows me the world on a screen,

I can not interact, I can only watch this fake put-on act.


My light has grown dim, cold and slow.

My mind has nowhere left to to go,

It circles round itself,

Like vultures for the kill…


I am torn to fragments of dreams;

All I am now is a shadow of a shadow…

Yet there is still hope of escape,

One who can let me go,

Release me from this hellish kiss-

And raise me from the endless abyss of my heart,

The blackness herself, she can let me go,

If she chooses…

So I will cling to hope everyday I walk,

Until I am no more,


I will hope…

‘Till midnight turns to light…