Ne’er Moving Man

No audience

Gathers round the


Ne’er moving


Like a mime


The empty airs

Of pretentious

Performance –

He stands eternal

In marble monument

Watching over shadows

In silent duty.





She is not a Rose

Neither rose

Petal or bud

Can be

As she –

The woman

Of the water

Who levels

Out the unbearable


With a

Tranquil moment


The Lover’s Leap Lies in Pieces

sonnets of souls

separated by space –

sound out

in that place


where the

breath of angels

cool in divine


and timekeepers

stand reticent

by gates

holding back fate



people parted




Unfettered By Fate

Unknowingly you tripped me…

Into a wonderful abyss

Down, down I went

Into delirium-

This contrived conundrum!

Will I find you at the bottom-

In some sight of light?

Or is this some surreal trap?

I will be oblivious till I reach the end-

Yet surprisingly!-

I am unworried, unfettered by fate…

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