Shade Shelters Shave

Shade shelters shade –

The poor man’s grave –

Only shadow and sapling


Marbles markers mark –

Luxe lives of moneyed men;

Who died surrounded and alone.

Time turns –

Headstone highlights

To dirtied marble

Masked with mud.

Sapling to keeper –

Eternal respite

For the rootless

Rolling stone…

Orange Friday

On Friday

War started.

Headlines read:





Thus thought ceased

To save vital brain tissue

And identities died

Laid alongside casualties

Of sense-stripped soldiers –

The maimed of mind.


So survivors of both sides

Limped past row upon row

Of rotting souls


Underneath the eternally burnt

Orange sky.

Chaos Fill Chasm

Tabulate my thoughts

Each fear

Each tear

Each dream

Designated, denigrated


Count my broken breaths

Catch my crooked eye

Tell no lie

For truth touched by you

Takes me away
To instilled insanity

Distilled inanity
Springs of vanity.


Let chaos fill chasm;

Your hollow heart.

Follow me.

For you

This mind is


White Words

When weighty words

Of nescient nobles

Weigh nothing at all


Yet those words

Still burden broken beings

With lead-lacquered lore

That holds captives

Captive with dark dreams

Dreamt up –

Leant upon themselves;


The oppressed –

Supporters of their

Own oppression.


That is when

Suppressed speech

Speaks up

First, a word

Then a torrent.

Thoughts tearing down

The self-supported cell…


The pale words of white-washed men


By the masses –

Found empty as echoes…