Relative Peace

I stand in relative peace,

In black-blue beaten fog.

Only one can raise me

from this mire of my mind-

Alas! – She is too distant.




Who walked along seas-

Who traversed not in fullness of quest,

But of spirit, who swam thoughts

Dived into travesties,

And climbed back out-


Do not fear that you will fade,

Drowned in dredges of time-


Your remembrance is written.

Passing Mortals

We meet in passing, on some similar plane of thought.
We travel like ships on some ancient quest.
Infinite abysses could not hold thee
Lest I am not so fortunate
Lest we do not pass like well-worn words that cling immortal
I have but one request-

Do not forget this mere passing
Of my mortal, ever-mortal mist.

Let Us!

Let’s walk down to death’s doorway.

Run against the flow, go against the grain

Let us find fate!-

Wander along the edge, unafraid of falling.

Weather a winter of barren loneliness-

To come out the other side in the golden air of spring

Feel the ground beating in our wake

Razor sharp-

Sky as hot as hell in summer…

Go it alone- together!

Let us not cross over to death!

Let us be unique in our own strain of “madness” 

Let us live!