Life Still

A wasted life is wasted once –

Once only

And in that one

Rash ramble

Along dirt-dust

Track repeated

Man peers

Over past precipice

What lay ahead

Now behind

Broken lens.


Shade Shelters Shave

Shade shelters shade –

The poor man’s grave –

Only shadow and sapling


Marbles markers mark –

Luxe lives of moneyed men;

Who died surrounded and alone.

Time turns –

Headstone highlights

To dirtied marble

Masked with mud.

Sapling to keeper –

Eternal respite

For the rootless

Rolling stone…

Chaos Fill Chasm

Tabulate my thoughts

Each fear

Each tear

Each dream

Designated, denigrated


Count my broken breaths

Catch my crooked eye

Tell no lie

For truth touched by you

Takes me away
To instilled insanity

Distilled inanity
Springs of vanity.


Let chaos fill chasm;

Your hollow heart.

Follow me.

For you

This mind is


Totalitarianism Topples

Charlatans – infallible

(In minds made theirs)

Order oppressed living obituaries

To propagate propaganda –

“To publicly proclaim perfect pretexts to total truth”.


They urge all under them to

Question questioners

Whose thoughts have travelled –

Now having returned

Need to be jailed or put to work.


Overt braggarts,

They declare their own divinity –

With covert lies clad with

Logic-defying, stupefying speech

Strikes mass in stupor.


Upon these conmen-

Illusionists of the dusk

Who paint every shadow

In blood – save for them

To support selves as salvation. –

Downfall fixates it’s eyes

Strikes – but once.


So uncovered is –

Scam and scammers

Swindlers of the soul –


Freed defrauded devotees

Wander, wondering when

Their angel’s flesh will roam


Sky Scattered Stars

Hanging like a dying man:

Lunar light sphere –

Crimson harbinger, dread dealer

Of dream-filled night.

Do not take day away


For fear we may fall

Into nocturne figures –

Static silohettes to be stared upon

By massless masses –

Passing by, art lovers

Of sky scattered stars.