Live On Lies

Aching lies live on-

Landing on the minds eyes

Every time you start to sleep

Transmogrifying into terrors

That wake you night after night…



Black ash arch of beast…

Broken light illuminates-

Moments muddled together,

White weaved with withered night.

This animal passes by broken

Trains of light- 

Cutting my feet as I ride

Upon this harnessed 

Form of thought…


Blackness hangs off me,

I am the last Autumn leaf,

Waiting, knowing I will fall…


Blurs of colour pass my eyes,

A million points of light-

The truth beyond the lies.


Yet now…

Now I am blinded by the blackness,

The blackness that will not let me go.

It grabs me by my shaking hands,

Shows me the world on a screen,

I can not interact, I can only watch this fake put-on act.


My light has grown dim, cold and slow.

My mind has nowhere left to to go,

It circles round itself,

Like vultures for the kill…


I am torn to fragments of dreams;

All I am now is a shadow of a shadow…

Yet there is still hope of escape,

One who can let me go,

Release me from this hellish kiss-

And raise me from the endless abyss of my heart,

The blackness herself, she can let me go,

If she chooses…

So I will cling to hope everyday I walk,

Until I am no more,


I will hope…

‘Till midnight turns to light…

The Wind Is Black.

Black time moves backwards,
Underneath moon’s crystal light.

The sky looks below,
Seeing midnight’s rise and fall.

I walk out, a conscious soul.
A whisperer among the silent.

A canal is at my left,
The water is as oil,
Black and dangerous.

I see street lamps through the gossiping trees,
They make the world melt away into a swirling pool of golden dreams.

I shake myself awake,
I do not wish to fall.

At my right,
The wind walks alongside me,
I tell it my secrets, it will not tell.

I look down into the calling abyss,
I wonder “Will it bring a hellish bliss?”

The wind stays silent,
The trees shout, incomprehensible wailing.
The moon cries a blue tear.
The caped black maiden invites me,
asks me not to turn my back,

Who will stop this confusion of cacophony?

The moon sets,
The black maiden recedes.
Sun’s white line appears.
I try and forget the abyss, the endless dark.

But the voice of her still haunts my already haunted mind,

Don’t turn your back…

I Stand Alone.

I step through flowers in the rain,

Standing alone.

The rain pours, a million drops of silver.

Street lamps shine on the glistening fallings,

Like eyes of orange honey dripping, spreading through the watery air.

I look up,

into the above,

into the wet pinched globes rushing down.

I stare,

An abundance of glowing powers, some are dead,

but live on in our sight,

in our light.


Reflections of raindrops in each other,

All showing the powers of the infinite nocturnal sky.


Stand, look, stare and see-


The night is alive,

The stars are awake,

To the music of the skies.