Refracted Distraction

Pale yellow blossom,

Reflecting stormy light…

I forget my pain…


Fly Away

A pair of blackbirds walking with incognizance,

A couple, these two birds fly together,

Till the one flies away,

Or the other leaves instead,

Or is it really both who depart?

A matter of perception.

Alpha and Omega

Smelling of an old book, musty with age.

It is a waterfall, falling downward forever, slowing diminishing the things below,

Like the branches of a tree, splitting into many different paths.

Measuring it is as impossible as understanding the emotions of the heart.

Understanding may come, it will just take Time.

Abstract Thoughts

Gems trickling upward, homeward,

Seeing as they go the sky beneath.

Linking hearts yearning for utopia lost in a frenzy of regret,

This is what meant the most to the birds flying down below,

As they put on their final show.

All is not found and nothing is lost,

The life of finding a meaning is too short for most, but if it was found,

Would we know? Or would we toss it aside like a piece of gold disguised in dirt?

It may be too late, we might have already thrown it away…