Time Clandestine

Time takes stock

Of each clandestine capture

On the film that memory makes

To then turn

Thoughts in transit

To gold and dust…



Trailing fingers linger-

Evoking lost emotions.

We walk side by side again,

You smudge the shadows.

You are a ghost-image, 

A blurred double exposure

From an old film camera.

This moment is a union 

In spirit only, a remembrance.

I do not remember you with nostalgia

For nostalgia dulls, it would round you off-

Like sea-beaten glass.

Rather I remember you at present-

With irreverent love

With wit and tears and arguments

With love un-cliched, loyalty unswayed

With unabashed words, lessons left unlearnt.

I live with you as overlapped tides do-

For they exist as metaphor only,

For tides are but one colossal wave-

When one ends, one begins.