Expedition To The Unknown

The heat of tomorrow cools today,

Waves of watery thoughts flood the deepest lockers of my heart,

When will tomorrow come?
So I can sail the storm,
And get to the end still complete,
I have fear, to which courage must compete,

But will it be worth my deadliest feat?


Neon Winter

Neon orange leaves,

Frozen in yesterdays breeze,

Blue diffused light illuminates my fading sight.

There are tulips in this winter,

Forever trapped in icy splinter.

A crow calls of tomorrow,

And then flies backward into yesterdays stream.

This is not a dream.

Light fades.

Black encroaches around glowing streetlights,

Rendering them pointless.

Icy Beauty

Silent rain falls on a broken light shadow,

On my mirrored wall.


Fractured light pierces my sight,

Blue cold breathe touches my own.


Criss-cross particles permeate white air,

As my fallen thoughts stay silent.


Blinding bright darkness entrances me,

This dark so inviting because of this lighted sight.


All this–

My interlaced perception

Of your midnight reflection.