Lest I Lie

Lest I lie, I must ask thee
Doth the rivers cry?
Or do we impose our own imperfection,
The inward ways,
Upon earthly entity?


What Am I To You?

What am I to you?

A curious oddity-

An out of place,

Out of mind,


Am I this?


Yet I am more than this-

I am unique…

I am myself-

Don’t you see?


Is me!


Half Awake In Half Light

Half awake in half light I fell-

As I fell I saw silhouettes of smoke,

Yellow roses and windows broken…

And you standing in among it all-

An unbroken spirit in a world of cold chaos-

I wake as the rain and sun cross paths once more…

I lie underneath a yellow rose-

Highlighted in the luminance half dark, 

Thinking of you,

I breath in, feeling alive once again….


I Stand Alone.

I step through flowers in the rain,

Standing alone.

The rain pours, a million drops of silver.

Street lamps shine on the glistening fallings,

Like eyes of orange honey dripping, spreading through the watery air.

I look up,

into the above,

into the wet pinched globes rushing down.

I stare,

An abundance of glowing powers, some are dead,

but live on in our sight,

in our light.


Reflections of raindrops in each other,

All showing the powers of the infinite nocturnal sky.


Stand, look, stare and see-


The night is alive,

The stars are awake,

To the music of the skies.

I Tread Lightly

Treading lightly on the air,

I do not want to scare.

I am not really there,

Yet I still tread gently,

I do not want to scare.


Even a thought can be loud,

A reflection can make you jump.

So, who am I to make you fear?


I have broken empires,

I have made dust live.

Today I creep slow,

But that is not always how I go.


Ageing never, I am always remembered.

I can travel a thousand miles without losing breath.

I am quicker than light itself.


I go from person to person, leaving and staying.

The wind carries me along,

I am brought here by a dove.


I sneak past the mind, right down into the heart.

I am a shock, unexpected.

I am love.