The Heart-breaker

Cryptic crafted

Beating heart

Of mortal man –

What fragile


Felled by a

Breath –

A live death

Stitched to an


In perpetual




Open Heart

Unknown, unwanted-
Obsessive, intrusive!
These powers permeate my heart…
They are intricate instruments,
Surgeon’s scalpels,
But do not be fooled!
These are not for healing.
They cut my spirit,
Leaving an indelible, unforgettable mark scorched on me-
Which says:

“You are nothing.
You are discarded, forgotten!”

Did your heart ever contain a construct of me?

For I always loved thee.
You were everything,
You were never discarded.
Because even if I face death-
With hardly an energy in me left-
I tell you this, an infinite truth:

You will never be forgotten!

Authors Note: A couple of lines in this poem do not make much grammatical sense, but I feel that in this case it adds to the full idea of the poem. This is very much an exception to the rule, but what is the point of poetry if you can’t bend the rules of English once in a while? 🙂