Imperfect blemish on desperate scream-

Listen once more to me

See, o’ see mirrors of mirrors-

Your own self so scorned by the smiles of the scorched-

They don’t realise why your eyes are so drowned in sadness

Kaleidoscopic ovals of emotion-

O’ woman so doubtful of dreams!-

Listen once, just once more to me

See o’ see mirrors of mirrors-

Your own soul reflected upon itself-

Bent, contorted cosmic skies hidden away-

O’ my love of a forgotten time-

I beg you to find-

Find not me-

Remember not I-

Find you-

Remember yourself!

I Caught You Staring

I caught you staring-
Complex, curious
Brown shadow spheres,
Discs of deep darkness…
Dilated, they captivate me-

I turn away away from the enrapture of your endless night eyes-

I breath in quickly,
Hoping you haven’t noticed-
Noticed that I caught you staring-
And that I was, and always will be-
Completely mesmerised…