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My ebook “Aspie Poet” is now available in print form on lulu. There is 20% off for a limited time.

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“Aspie Poet” eBook Out Now



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My latest ebook “Aspie Poet” is now available on the kindle store. There are 40 poems total in the book including a poem about Aspergers Syndrome called “Aspie”. It is available for £2.05 in the UK or $1.99 in the US.

My New Book – “Identity”

My new book “Identity – A Collection Of 50 Poems” is out now. It currently has 5 star reviews on both and The poetry contained within deals with subjects such as depression, love and what it means to be truly human. I believe that understanding these concepts is vital, especially as I regard poetry as having dealt with these timeless issues throughout the ages. My book though takes a fresh look at these age-old issues and tackles them in an original inquisitive way. For a limited time, my book is available in ebook form for £3.00. By purchasing this book, you help support this blog. Without you, my loyal readers, I would be nowhere. Also, I wish to extend a big thank you to all of you who have already purchased this limited ebook edition of my poetry collection.

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Identity – A Collection Of 50 Poems [Kindle Edition] FREE STARTING 1/12/13

Starting tomorrow my ebook is FREE for 5 days! – My new ebook for kindle, a short collection of poetry. There are 50 poems total, dealing with a variety of subjects including depression, love and the true meaning of humanity and identity-



PRESS RELEASE: Today was National Poetry Day. Denman Public Library ran a poetry workshop for local people to attend, read and write poetry. Poet Laureate Joel Stickley was on hand to provide guidance. Aspiring 17-year old poet, Brendan Stoneham [pictured], was invited to release his new book of poetry called “Identity” during the event. Brendan read some of his poems which were received well by his audience. He will be making copies of “Identity” freely available for the public to borrow from the library.

[Brendan Stoneham, 17-year old poet reading from his new book “Identity”. Photo by Daniel Torridon.]