Humans Are Social Beasts

Humans are social beasts-

Yet not you not I-

We do not seek isolation,

It is within us, our state of being.

Invoked by the slick words of crowd-pleasers

The expected, accepted norms-

We retreat like wolves-

Into ourselves…


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Unfair, unfathomable!

Solid reasoning thrown to the fire,

In favour of etiquette, the manners of the superior!

Surely truth is better than fake flattery, fabricated compliments-

Better words be straight than bent.

Call me hell-sent if you will,

My bluntness may be an odd divergence from the norm-

But I would rather tell the truth, be in the right-

Than tell the blind they have sight!

What is this organisation of cordialities?

So natural to the sheep , the crowd.

Not to me, their obviousness, so bewildering.

Shall I try and fit in?

Force my heart and mind into a unnatural contortion?

I would if I could-

I sometimes ponder.

But it is a impossibility, an unattainable objective…

So I stay as I am-

In this crowd of socialites, those who are energised by other people, a self perpetual cycle!

I stay as I am-

An awkward, inelegant introvert-

The outspoken, odd one out…

But no matter if I stay quiet,

Or if I shout-

Some will stay perplexed at my differentness

This disposition I hold-

Some will always think me somewhat cold

And so they leave me, altogether overwhelmed…

Written by me and originally published in Sharnoff’s Global Views.


Speaking my thoughts as they form…
Socially segregated, not of their circles-
Alone in a crowd-
They think me obsessive, odd-
Like my mind speaks vernacular foreign to their own…

I wish I could disown-

My awkwardness, my mess of thoughts-

My stubborn inner dialog stuck on replay-

The way I say what I say-

The burning sounds so loud,
The overcrowding I feel all around!

But alas!
I cannot…
Not all is bad-
A perspective quite unique-
Even if I am thought a freak!

“Are you completely mad?” someone asks,
“No, dyspraxic” I say

But too late-
They have turned away…