The Sea Murmurs Murder

The red ragged rocks

Of grievous assault

Are in our steps

And our footprints

Carry the weight

Of deadly thoughts

As they imprint

Upon the shore –

Sand made concrete

By harsh fate’s hand…


Singly Me

Pressure all around.

Reality shrinking round me.

Everything compressed,

All existence and all feeling itself,

Enough power to crush a man,

No end, the beginning has been forgotten,

was there ever one?

As this reverses I begin to cope,

All things and all problems are spaced out,

So it is easier to understand and deal with?

Writers influence.

You see Rain.

I see perfect hearts made of water spiralling downward as they fall.

You see a book,

I see infinite possibilities, one splitting into another,
A million words and creation born, moulded from the raw ingredients of the heart.

You see the world boring, repetitious,

I see all things different and inspiration is everywhere,
Every object has a song to be sung, a picture to be painted.
Art is within everything and everyone.

Life influences me. Try and take all that you can,
Because only some see more than what is experienced at first.

The Fallen Coin

In the time a single coin falls from an old, poor man’s pocket and rolls on the cold ground for a mere few seconds ;

Many lives are lost, a single child born.

A family throws scraps from a meal away, another family living off the scraps they find.

An opportunity lost, an opportunity used to the full.

As one story begins,another is told for the final time.

The coin began to stop and spin and as it did, one more thing happened ;

A coin was lost, a coin was found.

The poor man smiled, not a crease on his face.

Showing not a worry in his aged eyes,

and put back in his pocket the coin once lost.