The Lover’s Leap Lies in Pieces

sonnets of souls

separated by space –

sound out

in that place


where the

breath of angels

cool in divine


and timekeepers

stand reticent

by gates

holding back fate



people parted





Totalitarianism Topples

Charlatans – infallible

(In minds made theirs)

Order oppressed living obituaries

To propagate propaganda –

“To publicly proclaim perfect pretexts to total truth”.


They urge all under them to

Question questioners

Whose thoughts have travelled –

Now having returned

Need to be jailed or put to work.


Overt braggarts,

They declare their own divinity –

With covert lies clad with

Logic-defying, stupefying speech

Strikes mass in stupor.


Upon these conmen-

Illusionists of the dusk

Who paint every shadow

In blood – save for them

To support selves as salvation. –

Downfall fixates it’s eyes

Strikes – but once.


So uncovered is –

Scam and scammers

Swindlers of the soul –


Freed defrauded devotees

Wander, wondering when

Their angel’s flesh will roam


Glass Shadows

Glass shadows glide by unseen

By muddied eyes, the eyes of man.

Composed of light- they see not in sight

Unlike the simple shallow optics of us,

The wanderers of the lower plane.

They see in the superlative sense

They see the temporal tides of time,

The stretching sea of seas.

They recede and proceed at will

Among the tides of man.

They see us bury our dead-

In rows and rows of soil-lined holes

Filled with soiled men, men soiled by war-

And when the curtains of earth fold around the fallen

And when the night becomes theirs-

The shadows drift by unseen…