The Sea Murmurs Murder

The red ragged rocks

Of grievous assault

Are in our steps

And our footprints

Carry the weight

Of deadly thoughts

As they imprint

Upon the shore –

Sand made concrete

By harsh fate’s hand…


Paint Her Black

Precious pain

Paints her


In black –

All her landscapes

Are flooded…

Men are alone

With her

And walk with her

In solidarity

Of solitude.

Bled-for Men

Light bleeds through the bloody leaves of the bloody trees,

Bloodied by the blood of men 

Who bled for men not themselves

Who bled for men who could not stand the sight of blood

Yet could stand atop freshly-blood soaked start

And with crimson hand on beating hearts echo

Words not theirs; “Never again.” –

So that public anger may wane

Through the use of polished platitudes.

So that silence could reign as king

In the forests of the forgotten –

So that they, the bled-for men might be fed and fed

While the bloodied bodies of silenced men

Lay there –

Dead and dead.

Drowning In Shadows

I am engulfed

By fluctuating fire-

Suffocating smoke.


Oppressive opponents of fog and air

Desire my death…


Dark angels, thieves of light-

Tear through my lucid lambent thoughts,

Emerging triumphant in their flight-

Kings of the sea.


Held down I am drowned,

Smothered by shadows

Of black and blue…