Love Hurts

Is this it, are you gone?
Will we meet again?
What a battered cliche, a shallow song!

It does not matter if we meet
Only that we see each other, speak!

Do you still read the words I write?
An instant of my mind personified-
I am intertwined-
Caught in you.
I will not give up the fight-
My heart is torn apart in the thorny night-
Your abysses of light…

Repeating, disorientating thoughts-
My heart again! My mind also!
Ripped by the distance between us-
Shouts in the night-
My soul dripping red moonblood!


Surrounding My Solitude

Closing in walls of people-
Surround my solitude,
My solace!
I want to escape,
Escape the noise I am drowned in,
But I cannot escape.
The progress of the people is unchanging, unrelenting-
And so I stay,
Surrounded but alone-
Free yet trapped!