I Caught You Staring

I caught you staring-
Complex, curious
Brown shadow spheres,
Discs of deep darkness…
Dilated, they captivate me-

I turn away away from the enrapture of your endless night eyes-

I breath in quickly,
Hoping you haven’t noticed-
Noticed that I caught you staring-
And that I was, and always will be-
Completely mesmerised…


Inferiority, superiority!-
These things have no link.
Deep within the familiarity of the black,
I feel, I think.

Inferiority, superiority!-
They will be blinked out,
Blackened out,
Flipped with backs around,
Inside out!

Soon the inferior will be superior.
The superior, superfluous to requirement.
So I sit…
I feel-
I think-
Forever looking for the one link between the two.
Why should one be turned to the other?

So I stay,
No closer to an answer in this instant-
Yet closer in the next…