Listen to us by Ruth Nunn


Listen to us by Ruth Nunn

“We’re the party of prospect
Just listen to us here.
We’re the ones to elect,
The way forth is quite clear.”

“No! Pure claptrap and twaddle,
They’re talking so queerly,
They’re in such a muddle.
Disaster, quite clearly!”

“Oh, but they’ve both got it wrong
In every last detail.
Make either of them strong,
The country would soon fail!”

“Listen only to us now,”
The three of them all shout,
“We will soon show you how
We are what it’s about!”

“We’re the way forward, hear us,”
Each urges with passion,
“True action, not their fuss.
We’re more than just fashion.”

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A Big Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded my new ebook “Identity – A Collection Of 50 Poems”. There has been 30 downloads so far, which is I am very happy about. My ebook is still available to download for free at the moment, until the 5th of December when the free promotion ends. 

Download my new ebook here! 🙂