I see where the earth does fall,
Onto your hollow container of flesh…
Men digging dirt,
Rain flooding into a hole-
Until the deed is done,
A rushed covering over, Irreverent somehow-

A man in a collar mumbles a meaningless memorial on your behalf,
Tears add to wet weather,
We walk away upon sodden ground…

Beneath, down –
In the back-

Your eyes open wide…


Death becomes me,
Half alive, half dead,
Made of breath…
Un-solid, unreal unearthly utterances,
Sing songs of black within me,
Transfixed on hollow shadows,
I break my trance-
To look to light
To hope…
To a fascinating flowing figure-
She holds out a hand,


I grab it, hand on hand-
Two as one…
Death has lost this fight,
Yet the war wages on…

When days go by

Brilliant poem from the always brilliant “awesomeworldblogger”

Female Freedom Catalyst


When days go by
Just like this
It makes me wonder
Where is the bliss?
Everywhere I see
I see men cry
Through lies and more lies
Bringing these teary red eyes.
From the children’s laughter
To sudden silence
And this silence
Brings absolute nothingness.
All the bright colors
Have drained away
In this great heavy
Depressing rain.
All those bright smiles
Turned upside down
When days go by
With hopeless people walking around.

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This Is Not My Dwelling

Walking across wilderness-

The great expanse-

Maroon sky-

Bleached silvery sand

Bloodless shadows, my own reflection-

Forward, ever forward-

There is no point past ‘morrow

This is not my dwelling-

I do not live here…

I am merely a spectator…

My own minds’s machinations…