My Labyrinthine Mind


Ghostly, ghastly blackest fog.

Mirrors of smoke haunt my dreams,

I fear I will sink deeper into this mist of screams-

On into eternity, my labyrinthine mind folds upon itself,

Into the unvanquished void I fall,

Digging bloody nails into empty air, I call-

The beginning has past, yet still it lingers.

Purple winds shape the squalid shadows…

Still falling,

Falling deep,

Deep into this convoluted chasm,

Seeing every thought, every flow-

Every drop of madness that my heart distills,

I wake once more, the cliched muse…

Dreams that were full, yet my mind will not ebb dry-

I try and deny,

The transcending torment,

The hellish hallucinations…

And yet insidious ill-meaning whispers,

Obsessive, intrusive,

Speak to me, saying:


You are too intertwined.

You are in too deep.

You are at the leap-


What follows next is inevitability itself…





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